Corteaura Franciacorta - Sparkling Genius from Lombardy

Corteaura Franciacorta - Sparkling Genius from Lombardy

Corteaura - Lombardy

“Franciacorta”是來自意大利北部倫巴第(Lombardy)省的DOCG氣泡酒。 Franciacorta採用傳統的 “香檳”方式生產. (在瓶子裡進行第二次發酵).

葡萄酒自1277年開始在Corte Franca地區生產,但DOCG認證的發展僅在1995年頒布


因為Franciacorta獨特生產方式, 因此製造規定甚至比法國香檳更嚴格。

Franciacorta DOCG 對於Non Vintage酒的基本規定為在採收後至少25個月才能進行銷售。第一次在桶內發酵後, 還要至少18個月在瓶子裡進行第二次發酵。


在 Corteaura 酒莊DOCG Non Vintage,葡萄酒在瓶中發酵至少24個月,給它們帶來更濃郁的香氣及細膩口感.

Franciacorta DOCG 對於葡萄園管理要求相當嚴格,植物密度和產量的管理也比香檳產地更要求. 但我先將這部分保留, 後續再補充說明。

在2018 年11 月, 我們很幸運地參觀Corteaura葡萄園, 並與葡萄園主人和他的家人見面。雖然當時天氣寒冷,但Corteaura熱情招待讓我們的心都感到溫暖。

我 會陸續分享有關Corteaura 的資訊和我們旅行期間參訪過的其他獨家葡萄園訊息。



“Franciacorta” is a DOCG sparkling wine from the province of Lombardy in Northern italy. Franciacorta is produced using the traditional “champagne” method with the second fermentation in the bottle for a fixed period.

Corteaura History

Wine has been produced in the Corte Franca area since 1277 but the development of the DOCG status was only issued in 1995.

Up until 2012, when Italy became the world’s largest wine producing country, Franciacorta was exclusively kept for domestic consumption, which is why so many people have not heard of it before. It is only since the decline of the Italian economy in the last decade, that these producers have started to export, mainly to the USA and Germany. Very little has been exported to Asia at all.

The DOCG Consortium

Regulations for the Franciacorta production are even more strict than those for champagne. 
The Non Vintage wines of Franciacorta may not be released until at least 25 months from harvest. At least 18 months must be in the bottle in contact with the yeast during the second fermentation. In contrast NV Champagne is only required to be in contact for with the yeast for 15 months.

Corteaura Rose Production


At Corteaura the wines ferment in the bottle for at least 24 months, giving them a greater depth of flavor and delicate complexity.

The management of the land, plant density and yields is also far stricter than for Champagne, but I will keep that for another post.

We were lucky enough to visit the Corteaura vineyard and meet the owner and his family for a tasting in November. Although the weather was very cold at that time, the delicacy of the Corteaura and the enthusiasm of the winemaker warmed all of our hearts.

I will be posting more information about Corteaura and their products as well as other exclusive vineyards we visited during our trip.