Olianas Bio Integrated Vineyard

Olianas Bio Integrated Vineyard
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Bio Integrated Vineyard

Olianas Story

It was 2000, the dawn of the new millennium. For us, the dawn of a new wine project. In Gergei, in the heart of Sarcidano (60 km north of Cagliari), the meeting between Stefano Casadei, Artemio Olianas and Simone Mugnaini gives life to Olianas, our Company.

What unites us is sharing a philosophy of producing quality wines based on respecting the environment, nature and the people who live there.
Since then, this philosophy has concretely developed into a new concept of agriculture, where environmental protection is a required procedure to ensure prosperity in the future.

Today in Olianas we produce not only organic, but bio-integrated wines: related to the history of this land, result of research, great dedication, expert hands; local vine varieties on 25 hectares of both red and white vineyards.

In Sardinia the meeting between three friends brings to life Olianas
— Stefano Casadei

The Vineyards

At an altitude of 370 meters above sea level, our Estate has 25 hectares of grapevines both red and white grapes, with a density of 5500 plants per hectare and the average age of the grapevines between 10 and 14 years.

The farming system is partly Guyot and partly spurred cordon.

Bio Integration

Our Bio-integral philosophy involves the utmost respect for grapevines and soils: the use of herbicides, chemical fertilizers and synthetic products for the pest management of the plant are banned. The use of tracked or rubber tyre vehicles is limited, as they involve an excessive soil compaction: we favour the use of animals instead, including horses.

It is not folklore, but an ancient method that boosts the roots up to the deeper layers of the soil and ensures longevity for our plants.


The harvest is strictly manual, with selection of the grapes in the field.
The date of collection is established after a thorough inspection of the sensory (with the taste of the grapes in the field) and chemical (sugars, polyphenols and acidity) characteristics.

The management of soil fertility is through organic fertilization and green manures. Only if necessary, we apply microelements exclusively of biological origin.