Olianas, Italy, wineNick Vivian

Olianas Cannonau - Vivino 3.8/5

Olianas, Italy, wineNick Vivian
Olianas Cannonau - Vivino 3.8/5

Fresh Red Wine

Perfect for Appetizers

An intense ruby red, fresh when tasted and strong structured with a good tannin presence. Fruity and floral;
a real Sardinian taste.
— Olianas

Olianas  Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2017



Cannonau 95% , Tintillu 5%


14% ABV


12 hectares, 60.0000 bottles



5600 Stocks per Hectare


The Sedda sa figu vineyard (Cannonau) has sandy soils that lend elegance and freshness to the wine. The winds are light in the Anfiteatro, which is composed of more clayey soils in a valley exposed to the southern sun: this adds complexity, fruit and structure.



Pressing follows the de-stemming, with light crushing of the grape. 30% of the must obtained is transferred for fermentation into buried amphorae, each 1000Hl , where maceration on the skins lasts for 20-25 days, thanks to the natural temperature control and small masses involved. The remaining 70% of the must is fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Fermentation takes place following the BIOINTEGRALE concept, that is without the use of enzymes or selected yeasts.


Ageing & Refining

Malo-lactic fermentation and aging takes place for about 8 months, partly in second and third passage French oak barriques, and partly in stainless steel. Finally, after a minimum addition of sulfites, the wine is bottled. In order to ensure maximum respect for its natural characteristics, this wine is neither clarified nor filtered: any eventual residues are a symptom of its integrity.



Best Within 5 years of Harvest


Tasting Notes

Marked notes of small wood berries mix wisely with hints of dark chocolate and tobacco. Silky tannins and a good concentration, well balanced by a pleasant acidity, can be felt on the palate.


Grilled Dory with Sauteed Mushrooms

Grilled Dory with Sauteed Mushrooms

Food Pairing

This young, fresh, round and lively wine is deal with appetizers and first courses.


Serving Temperature

18°C in Winter / 14°/16° C in summer

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